Sorry, I just want to get this off my chest: Yet again I see f(x) fans complaining in yet another new MV that was released by SM (the Suju teaser). They complained at the EXO MV, they also ruined the mood at the Red Velvet MV. Like… Please use your precious time to support your own fandom, instead of complaining in front of other fandoms! The fact that the average f(x) fan (not saying everyone is like that, but I’ve seen quite a lot of them) is in such desperation and frustration over how SM manages f(x) is NOT HELPING at all.

You should stay strong as a fandom and encourage your idol instead of putting them out there in front of other fandoms af if f(x) is a dying case. If you honestly gave up; then why do you still call yourself a fan? Sorry. I just don’t understand this lately. I get people are angry, sad or frustrated, but don’t take it out on the wrong people and look for answers in your own community. And just try to stay strong. Do you really want to help f(x)? Buy their merch, buy their albums. Promote them in a positive way instead of making a fool of them in youtube comments. Hopefully I’m not the only one to notice this. I feel bad for f(x) and good f(x) fans.

I also don’t hope this turns out into an ugly argument. I don’t come here to bash people. Just trying to put some sense into them. If you don’t feel spoken to and if you’re a positive f(x) fan: BLESS YOU. In the end we’re all here to love and support f(x) and other groups in SM.

Asianfanfics Link:

Asianfanfics Link:

When someone mentions &#8216;smut&#8217; I&#8217;ll be like..My instinct = LayMy brain = SehunMy ovaries = Kyungsoo

When someone mentions ‘smut’ I’ll be like..
My instinct = Lay
My brain = Sehun
My ovaries = Kyungsoo

Do you know what throws me off? Super Junior’s Kibum could go on a break/hiatus to do some acting and other personal stuff. But SNSD’s Jessica can’t have her own label on the sideline? Like… what kind of hypocrisy is that?! I have also seen so many things about Hangeng, Sulli, JYJ, Jessica, Luhan and Kris… but no one ever mention Kibum. He’s just as gone as Sulli is right now. Like… people seem to forget important things here. I don’t know how to feel.

You know you love them too..

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It breaks my heart to see so many random negative comments on Super Junior or this song in particularly after a couple of years I have not visited this video link. To all those fans of artists that debuted AFTER Super Junior: Respect your elders. Respect idols who created the path for your idol to debute. To all those people who don’t like the song: Go elsewhere and comment on videos that you DO like. To those who call Shindong fat: Have you seen yourself? How perfect are you? You aren’t, so don’t look down on others because you aren’t flawless either. To fellow elfs: Thank you for the support. I salute you.

JR + MARK is the realest bromance I have seen in a while. Oh my god. I cannot contain myself anymore. If they don’t get married in 10 years, I will kick Youngjae. And trust me… I ain’t kicking anyone, because MARKJIN is real. Almost UNREAL if you feel me. DID YOU NOTICE HOW MARK SLAPPED YUGYEOM AWAY FROM HIS WIFEY at the Real Got7 series? I know I have seen it. They even age THE SAME NOODLE together. At least Yugyeom shipped it too! ( “Give him a kiss” ) Fuck yeah. Who else ships this?!

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